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Dahlivchanki congratulated graduates of the Mining and Industrial College


Lecturers of the Department of Construction, Urbanism and Territorial Planning of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Transport and Logistics of the VDEUNU of Sciences, prof. Galina Tatarchenko and Ph.D., Assoc. Natalya Beloshitskaya congratulated students of the Lisichansk State Mining and Industrial College on their professional holiday and presented certificates of preliminary testing with an entrance professional test in the specialty 192 “Construction and Civil Engineering”. The greeting was timed to the solemn event “Initiation into the profession of a surveyor,” which is a tradition of the cyclic commission of mine surveying.

Surveyors among the miners are always distinguished by their accuracy, integrity, because the nature of the work brings such qualities. Many warm words and wishes were expressed to the graduates of the college teachers.

The solemn moment of the holiday was the presentation of symbolic certificates “Initiation into the profession” and personalized postcards, which the students made themselves.