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Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University is one of the leaders of inventive activity in Ukraine. The University pays special attention to the protection of rights on intellectual property.

Currently, the University has 175 patents of the USA, Germany, France, Canada, China and other countries, and more than 2,000 patents of Ukraine.

The following scientists-inventors have made an important contribution: Doctor of Technical Sciences Golubenko O.L., Doctor of Technical Sciences Smyrnyi M.F., Doctor of Technical Sciences Osenin Y.I., Doctor of Technical Sciences Gorbunov M.I., Candidate of Technical Sciences Mohyla V.I., Doctor of Technical Sciences Nosko P.L.

In the All-Ukrainian contest “Invention – 2014” such inventors won in the following categories:

  • “Best Invention of the Year in the Field of New Substances and Materials” (2014) – “The Process for Preparing Derivatives of Pyramid [4,3-b] [1,3,5] sulfadiazine” (patent №100738): Kryvokolysko Serhii Gennadiiovych, Frolov Konstiantyn Oleksandrovych;
  • “Best Invention of the Year in Luhansk Region” (2014) – “The Composition for Getting Foamed Plastic” (patent for utility model №62919): Milotskyi Vadim Vadymovych, Milotskyi Roman Vadymovych




About the acquisition of intellectual property right, please contact

Information-analytical department, group of information and patent support – senior specialist Surikova Nina Mykolaivna


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