Research Work of Students

Research work of students is an integral part of the University’s activity; it is carried out for realization of creative abilities and intellectual capacity of students, and contributes to improving vocational training, identifying the most talented young people.

University students conduct research and construction works on the basis of all structural units of the University in the following forms:

  • research work, combined with the educational process, where students are informed of the latest scientific advances; they reinforce and deepen the working skills with specialized literature;
  • participation in scientific circles, clubs where students learn theoretical and practical research skills, acquire practical skills in their specialties;
  • participation in scientific conferences, competitions, contests, where students gain experience in public speaking and discussions, form their own judgments and reasoned conclusions, try to solve current problems of science and technology, and expand ties in scientific work with other universities;
  • publication of research results in scientific journals;
  • inventive activity (students are engaged in development and improvement of various technologies and devices).


Different forms of R&D during 2014 involved 1,220 students.

In 2014, students published 1192 printed works, including 385 their own, and 807 in cooperation.

Together with University students, there were submitted 20 applications for intellectual property objects and received 28 patents.

In 2014, there were conducted 20 scientific conferences of students, postgraduates and young scientists, including 7 international, 11 national and 2 regional.

In 2014, students of the University submitted 55 works for Ukrainian national competitions of students’ scientific works. The winners in various categories were the following students:

Diploma of І degree:

  • Melkumian Ihor Albertovych. Institute of Economics and Management.


Diplomas of II degree:

  • TSYMBALIUK Natalia Mykolaivna. Institute of Chemical Technologies.
  • AVIERKINA Kateryna Oleksandrivna. Technological Institute.
  • LITVINENKO Maksym Mykhailovych. Institute of Transport and Logistics.
  • PERVUSHYN Dmytro Volodymyrovych. Institute of Transport and Logistics.
  • KARA Serhii Vitaliiovych. Institute of Transport and Logistics.
  • UVAROVA Hanna Valeriivna. Institute of Economics and Management.
  • BUDNYK Anna Yuriivna. Institute of Economics and Management.
  • LEBEDIEVA Hanna Oleksandrivna. Educational and Research Institute of Labor and Social Technologies


Diplomas of III degree:

  • ZUBENKO Nadiia Oleksandrivna. Institute of Chemical Technologies.
  • CHEPEL Taisiia Leonidivna. Technological Institute
  • NECHYSTIAK Kateryna Yuriivna. Technological Institute
  • MISHCHENKO Serhii Ivanovych, BULYHIN Mykyta Serhiiovych. Department of Mechanical Engineering and Electromechanics.
  • KARTASHOV Oleksandr Mykolaiovych. Department of Mechanical Engineering and Electromechanics.
  • KUPRIIANOVA Yuliia Serhiivna. Department of Mechanical Engineering and Electromechanics.
  • BORYSOVA Yuliia Stanislavivna. Institute of Economics and Management.
  • SERNETSKA Yana Oleksandrivna, TARANIK Anastasiia Mykolaiivna. Department of Mechanical Engineering and Electromechanics.


The University has 45 student groups, clubs and laboratories, the most effective of them are:

  • Club “European Integration”. Chair of International Economics, scientific leader – Associate Professor Diachenko Y.Y.
  • “Young Banker School”. Chair of Banking, scientific leader – Associate Professor Tyshchenko O.I.
  • Student Club “Politics: XXI century”. Chair of Politology and International Relations, scientific leader – senior lecturer Irkha K.O.
  • Legal Clinic «PRO BONO». Chair of Law, scientific leader – Associate Professor Kaplina G.A.
  • Psychological club «VITA». Chair of Psychology, scientific leader – Professor Bokhonkova Y.O.
  • Club “Yednist”. Chair of Pedagogics, scientific leader – Professor Rashydov S.F.
  • R&D Centre “Phoenix”. Chair of Economic Cybernetics, scientific leader – Professor Ramazanov S.K.
  • Research Laboratory of Idea Generation. Chair of Handling Equipment, scientific leader – Associate Professor Boiko G.A.
  • Student Scientific Society “LOGISTIKE”. Chair of Transport Systems, scientific leader – Associate Professor Kichkina O.I.
  • Circle “Automated Design of Tools among ARM WiMachine”. Chair of Mechanical Engineering, Machine Tools and Instruments, scientific leader – Professor Krol O.S.
  • Research laboratory “Design of Software and Hardware Computer Systems”. Technological Institute, scientific leader – Professor Ryazantsev O.I.
  • Scientific Circle “New Energy- and Resource-saving Chemical Technologies”. Technological Institute, scientific leader – Professor Hlikin M.A.
  • Scientific Circle “Corrosion and Mechanical Damages of Equipment of Chemical Industry”. Technological Institute, scientific leader – Associate Professor Arkhipov O.G.