Student Council

The student self-government body of Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University is the highest executive body of the student self-government of the University, which operates in the interests of the University students, protecting their rights and interests.

The student self-government is a team of young and ambitious, motivated and full of energy, cheerful and open to dialogue students, diversifying the student life, making it vivid and memorable, developing and implementing new projects and solving students’ problems.

The main tasks of the student self-government are:

  • ensuring and protecting rights and interests of students;
  • promoting learning, research and creative activities of students;
  • promoting formation of students’ moral and ethical qualities, education of patriotism;
  • promoting healthy lifestyle;
  • promoting better standards of living and leisure of students;
  • promoting creation of various student groups, societies, associations, clubs and coordination of their activities;
  • promoting cooperation with the student self-government bodies of other higher educational institutions;
  • promoting information, psychological, financial, legal and other assistance to students.


The self-government bodies are working in different areas: scientific, educational, sports, cultural, charitable and information. Much attention is paid to holding conferences, seminars and “round tables”, competitions and workshops.

One of the main activity areas of the student self-government is establishing cooperation with other educational institutions both in Ukraine and abroad.