Faculty of Information Technology and Electronics

Faculty of Information Technology and Electronics based on new approaches in education, experience in international projects, prepares creative and highly qualified specialists in all areas of modern information technology.


The basic principle of training at the faculty is education through practice. The focus is on practical training of students in the following areas: programming; computer engineering; developing information systems and technology of business and project management and their implementation in domestic enterprises; designing and developing  computer networks and systems; automated process control; electronics, telecommunication and radio engineering.


The faculty affords an opportunity to receive the second higher education in 

master’s degree programs. There is also a possibility to continue education at a  post-graduate course.


Dean – Serhii Mytrokhin, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Аssociate Professor.

43 Donetska St., Room 203a,  Severodonetsk, 93406 Ukraine.

+38 (095) 208-38-36,



Head of Department – Victoriia Smolii, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor.

43 Donetska St., Room 315,  Severodonetsk, 93406, Ukraine.

+38 (06452) 290-23,







Bachelor  in Electronics,  Electronics Engineer


Telecommunication and Radio Engineering


Bachelor of Radio Electronic Devices,  Engineer in Telecommunication and Radio Engineering,
Research Engineer in Electronics and Telecommunications

Micro- and  Nanosystem  Engineering


Bachelor in  Micro- and Nanoelectronics, Electronics Engineer, Research Engineer


The sphere of professional activity of graduates: research engineer in the sphere of "Electronics and Telecommunications," engineer of antenna mast structures, of telecommunication, of radio and television facilities, of linear structures of telecommunication and subscriber devices, of cellular network, engineer of high-voltage testing and measurement of  power, of organizing telecommunication  production process, of  radio navigation and radar, of repairing and maintaining  measuring instruments and automation of nuclear power plant, of sound recording, electronics engineer, electronics engineer of the production of alternative and renewable energy, electroradionavigation engineer, engineer-designer (electronics).


Research trends: training   highly qualified specialists: Ph.D. and doctors of science on specialty "Automation of Control"; scientific workshops and conferences, preliminary consideration of theses for Ph.D.  and Doctor’s degrees, defence of appraisal works at the research laboratory "Investigation of Complex Objects and Telecommunication Systems"; research work on state budgetary themes, participation in the international, national, regional and university scientific conferences; preparation and publication of scientific guidelines, publication of articles and abstracts, establishing scientific relations with universities in Ukraine and abroad; students’ research work.



Head of Department – Yosyp Stentsel, Doctor of Technical Sciencies, Professor.

41 Donetska St., Room 303, Severodonetsk, 93406, Ukraine.

 +38 (06452) 29-013,





Automation and Computer Integrated Technologies


Bachelor of Automation and Computer-integrated Technologies

The sphere of professional activity of graduates: Engineer of automated control systems of production, computer systems, metrology, automation and mechanization of production processes, of introducing  new techniques and technologies;  specialist in information technology and others.


Research trends: fundamental research of transfer processes of momentum, energy and mass based on the theory of rheological transitions and zero gradient method; development of theoretical bases of non-invasive methods of diagnosing person based on rheological transitions and zero gradient method.



Head of Department – Inna Skarha-Bandurova, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor.

41 Donetska St., Room 412a, Severodonetsk, 93406, Ukraine.

+38(06452)289-97, ,,





Computer Science


Bachelor of Computer Science

Computer Engineering


Bachelor of Computer Engineering

Cyber security


Information Security Specialist

Computer Science

Information Management Systems and Technology (by industries)

Master of Science in Information Systems and Technology

Information Technology  of Design

Master of Science in Information Technology of  Design

Computer Engineering

Computer systems and networks

Master of Science in Computer Systems and Networks

System programming

Master of Science in System Programming

Computer Science and Information Technology


 Ph.D. in Computer Science and Information Technology


The sphere of professional activity of graduates: a specialist in the development of mathematical, information bases and software for information systems; data administrator; database administrator; access administrator; system administrator;   software engineer; programmer; application programmer;  information technology specialist; software testing specialist; system engineer; networks engineer; computer system administrator; network administrator;  research engineer; information security specialist.


Research trends: data analytics and visualization; environmental informatics; information systems for environmental sustainability; multidimensional databases technologies; health informatics; Internet of Things; railway automation systems;  methods of assessing critical parameters and early warning of dangerous situations; parallel computing; cyber security; development of specialized hardware and software for  testing computer systems and networks security.



 Head of Department – Volodymyr Lyfar, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor.

 43 Donetska St., Room 314,  Severodonetsk, 93406, Ukraine.

+38 (06452) 289-86,





Software Engineering

Software Engineering

Bachelor of Developing and Testing Software


The sphere of professional activity of graduates: software engineer of leading Ukrainian and world IT-companies, system and application programmer,   systems analyst and architect, project manager, web-designer, software testing engineer, database developer, 3D-models designer, computer games designer  and other.


Research trends: information technologies development, development of models and methods for collecting, processing and transforming  information in decision support systems,  logistic systems for chemical industry, engineering industry, power engineering, medicine and so on.