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The activity of the Institute of International Relations includes work with foreign students as well as training specialists in tourism and hospitality management, international economic relations, translators, political scientists and experts.

The Institute staff focuses the activities with foreign attendees and foreign students at individual work taking into account racial, religious and other factors, as well as, attained educational level. Duration of study makes up a period of 4 years for obtaining Bachelor Degree and 1,5-2 years for Master Degree. Languages of instruction are Ukrainian, Russian and English.

Foreign citizens who do not speak the language of instruction are enrolled in Preparatory Department. Training term is one year.

The Department carries out various measures aimed at compliance with the ethical and moral standards of behavior of international students in the new socio-cultural space, cultivation and education of friendly relations among different ethnic groups as well as promotion of healthy lifestyle.

Geography of countries, where foreign students come from, is diverse: Angola, Bangladesh, India, Israel, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Nigeria, Germany, Pakistan, Russia, Syria.


DirectorOleksii Tselishchev, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor.

43 Donetska St., Rooms 209, 211, Severodonetsk, 93406, Ukraine.

 +38 (063) 463-46-80,,



Head  – Oksana Mazur, Doctor of Political Sciences, Associate Professor.

43 Donetska St., Rooms 219, 211, Severodonetsk, 93406, Ukraine.

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Political Studies



Bachelor,  Master of Political Studies, Ph. D. in Political  Sciences

International Relations, Public Communications and Regional Studies


Bachelor of International Relations, Public Communications and Regional Studies

The sphere of professional activity of graduates: consultant, advisor, political expert in parties, public organizations, research institutes, centers, research groups; political observer; administrative secretary; interviewer; college instructor and lecturer at universities of II-IV level of accreditation; vice-consul, attaché, administrative assistant, diplomatic agent, diplomatic courier, secretary of the diplomatic agency, staff-member of inferior rank in the state bodies and institutions as well as private structures that operate in the field of international relations.

Research trends: problems of modernization of political system in Ukraine, the functioning of civil society institutions, development of European integration processes in the country, gender equity as factor of the democratization of political institutions, the formation and functioning of the political class.

The department is a branch of the division of theoretical and applied problems of Ivan Kuras Institute of Political and Ethnic Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Among the partners of the department are the relevant departments of Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University, Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University.

The department is the initiator of holding the first Annual All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference in the region, namely, "Modernization of the political system of modern Ukraine: state and prospects of development". At the same time the department is the only one in the region that is the founder of the specialized professional edition on political science "Political Notes", which in November 2011 was given the number of the international registration ISSN International Centre (Paris) – ISSN 2225-5591.



Head – Maryna Litvinova, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor.

41 Donetska St., Rooms 307, 310, Severodonetsk, 93406, Ukraine.

+38 (06452) 289-98, +38 (050) 816-20-32,









Philology. Germanic Languages and Literature (Translation Included)


Bachelor of Philology, translation professional, Specialist of Philology, Germanic languages, literature and translation professional

Philology. Romance Languages and Literature (Translation Included)


Bachelor of Philology, translation professional, Specialist of Philology, Romance languages, literature and translation professional

Secondary Education


Secondary Education (English Language and Literature)

Bachelor of Education, English and German Languages and World Literature teacher ,

English and French Languages and World Literature teacher 

The sphere of professional activity of graduates: specialist in oral and written translation/ interpretation for translation agencies and translation bureau, international divisions of state and private companies, travel agencies, diplomatic and consular missions, international cultural and educational centres, advertising and marketing agencies, mass media and publishing houses, departments of public relations of the state and commercial enterprises; translator of specialized scientific, technical, fiction, social and political literature, interpreter consultant, translator-editor, guide-interpreter.

Research trends: theory and practice of translation, language and translation in the context of culture and intercultural communication, innovative technologies in teaching foreign languages and translation and translation work management, the normative aspect of linguistic competence; the dynamics of the literary norms and national linguistic personality, linguistic and stylistic-communicative competence in the national linguistic personality, literary translation, critical analysis of the translation heritage, normative lexicography and translation.



Head – Yurii Diachenko, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor.
41 Donetska St., Room 214, Severodonetsk, 93406, Ukraine.

+38 (050) 558-15-03,




International Economic Relations


Bachelor, Master of International Economic Relations

The sphere of professional activity of graduates: graduates receive basic training of an economist of wide profile, so that they can also hold any positions at enterprises of all forms of ownership, organizations and state administrative institutions, commercial banks and public organizations. Specialist in the international economic relations takes part in the formation of foreign economic policy of the enterprise and supports the activities and development of business entities.

Research trends: provides doctoral and postdoctoral programs. There is the Specialized academic board that is granted the right to consider and conduct defence of dissertations to obtain the degree of Ph.D. in "Economy and management of enterprises (according to economic activity) and "Development of productive forces and regional economy".


Acting Head  – Yuliia Danilieva, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor.

41 Donetska St., Room 216, Severodonetsk, 93406, Ukraine.

+38 (050) 648-92-48,,




Hospitality Management


Bachelor of Hospitality Management



Bachelor of Tourism,

Master of Tourism, Specialist of Tourism

Sphere of professional activity of graduates: specialist in rationalization of production; specialist in standardization, certification, and quality management; specialist in hospitality accommodation; specialist in hotel management; restaurant business; production manager; technician in standardization work, preparation of production inspector, production quality control inspector, inspector for operational, technological and organizational issues; specialist in hotel services; specialist in leisure management; specialist in specialized activities management; major activities instructor; information officer; Director (Head) of the tourist complex, tourist agency or its affiliate, travel agencies; tourism manager; specialist in tourism management professional (international, culinary, mass, educational, sports, rural tourism etc.); a transfer guide, tourism office manager; specialist in standardization, licensing and certification of tourist services consultant; specialist in corporate tourist services; tourism officer; tour operator etc.

Research trends:   research of problems and perspectives of regional tourism in terms of social and political instability.



Head – Olha Krsek, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor.

41 Donetska St., Room 218, Severodonetsk, 93406, Ukraine.

+38(099) 342-82-29,

The Department provides teaching English, German and French languages to students of non-linguistic majors at all levels of specialized education: bachelor's degree, the master courses and post-graduate courses according to the latest programs, which are based on the achievements of modern methodology. During extracurricular time, students have the opportunity to improve their language skills in a music-theatrical studio "Magic Pie". 

Research trends:   the Department carries out scientific work on topic: "Trends in the Development of Language Education in the XXI Century". Academic community takes an active part in scientific conferences in Ukraine and abroad.