Faculty of Humanities, Psychology and Pedagogy

Faculty of Humanities, Psychology, and Pedagogy was reorganized repeatedly, trends of training were extended, new specialties were opened. Faculty participates in the international exhibition "Modern educational institutions" annually.  In 2016 it has been awarded a gold medal for the research "Psycho-social Support of Children and the Youth in Difficult Life Circumstances".

Periodical scientific journals: "Problems of psychology ", "Theoretical and applied problems of psychology", "Spirituality of a personality: methodology, theory and practice" are published by the faculty academic community. Faculty of Humanities, Psychology, and Pedagogy holds the conference on "Humanitarian problems of modern society" annually .

Faculty works on the grant project "Social and legal, educational and cultural program on the development of the student youth  movement in town Severodonetsk"  which is aimed to the creation  of "An Active Youth Room" and restoration of the material and technical base of the faculty. Grant was provided by the U.S. Agency for international development (USAID).  

 Тhe Scientific Research Institute of Spiritual Development of Man  and  the international UNESCO department "Spiritual cultural values of upbringing and education " are  structural units of the faculty, which continue to establish cooperation and partnerships with many leading scientific and educational establishments in Belarus, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Austria, France, Canada, USA.

Dean  – Olena Fedorova, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Аssociate Professor.

59A Tsentralny Prospect, Severodonetsk, 93406, Ukraine.

+38(050) 959-15-44,



Head of  Department – Yuliia Bokhonkova, Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor.

59A Tsentralny Prospect, Severodonetsk, 93406, Ukraine.

+38(050) 730-30-39,






Bachelor of psychology, a psychologist, Master of psychology



Bachelor, Master of sociology

The sphere of professional activity of graduates: education, business, medicine, banking, private practice, social services, rehabilitation centers and recreational centers; public, private and industrial enterprises; state and local government; research organizations, social-political organizations, public relations division; higher and secondary special educational institutions.

Research trends: the faculty conducts research in a wide range of areas. Among them are search for contemporary forms of integration of science that provide the practical implementation of psycho-therapeutic approaches to formation and development of the modern personality; creation of conditions in order to improve efficiency and expand the practical use of achievements of psycho- therapeutic  and psycho- remedial work in scientific and practical activity of psychologists; conceptual development and practical implementation of psychological, psycho-therapeutic and psycho-consultative principles of mental health of the university students;  exchange of scientific and educational information, research materials with leading scientists of Ukraine and foreign countries;  preparation and publication of joint scientific, methodical and educational-methodical materials;  the social consequences of globalization processes; public opinion of  the population in Luhansk region.


Head of  Department – Nataliia Zavatska, Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor.

59A Tsentralny Prospect, Severodonetsk, 93406, Ukraine.

+38(066) 723-25-28,





Practical psychology

Bachelor, Master of psychology, a lecturer of higher educational institution, a  psychologist


Social work


A social worker, Bachelor, Master of social work

Social welfare


Bachelor, Master of social welfare


Managing social institution

Master of management in social sphere

The sphere of professional activity of graduates: a specialist in the field of social protection of the population, an expert-organizer of social services; a social worker of the state employment service, of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and Ministry of Ukraine for Family, Youth, and Sport , the Pension Fund of Ukraine; a social worker in nursing homes for the elderly, social houses, boarding schools; an expert of the center of youth professional orientation;  a consultant psycho-medical and pedagogical consultation; a specialist in departments of education; the inspector for payment of pensions; an inspector for appointment  of pensions; an inspector for social assistance; an inspector-auditor; an  insurance agent; a state inspector; a practical psychologist of the regional, district (city) centre of practical psychology; a consultant psycho-medico-pedagogical consultations, professional counselors, a psychologist of “hotline”, a counselor on family relationship problems; a counselor in  state enterprises and business, public and political organizations; a school counselor, a social worker in preschool institutions, boarding schools, orphanages. 

 Research trends: social and psychological factors of formation of organizational culture  of enterprise and  individual; functional competence leader in forming the management team, career guidance in the system "Secondary school – higher educational institution"; development and implementation of the modern psychological technologies to enhance adaptive capacity of an individual; formation of social management of modern enterprises and reduction of the financial and investment risks in foreign economic activity of enterprises; research of  world globalization processes and their impact on the development of a company and an individual and consideration of these factors in determining the major directions of an independent state.



Head of  Department – Halyna Bondarenko, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor.

59A Tsentralny Prospect, Severodonetsk, 93406, Ukraine.

+38(050)180-07-40, .






Publishing and Editing

Bachelor, Master of journalism, Bachelor of Publishing and Editing


Ukrainian and Ukrainian Literature

Bachelor of Philology, an assistant teacher,

a linguist, a teacher of Ukrainian language and literature of secondary schools,

Master of  Ukrainian language and literature, a research scholar

Secondary education

Ukrainian and Ukrainian literature

Bachelor of secondary education, a teacher of Ukrainian language and literature,

Master of  secondary education, a  teacher of Ukrainian language and literature for institutions I-II levels of accreditation

The sphere of professional activity of graduates: mass  media, the Internet editions, news agencies, press offices; educational institutions of various types and levels of accreditation, a branch of linguistic computer technologies, consultations on linguistic issues in organizations and institutions of different ownership forms, professional processing of written texts, automatic translation.

Research trends:  Ukrainian literary memoirs of the nineteenth century,  nationwide factor discourse, genre modification of writers diaries of the late XX–early XXI century, teaching Ukrainian literature in higher education, methodological aspects of innovative learning writers biographies at school; Ukrainian writers' memoirs of the nineteenth century: the creation of nation discourse, genre of modification of writers’ diaries of the late ХХ-s – early ХХI-s, national foundations of teaching Ukrainian literature at universities, methodological aspects of innovative study the writer's biography in the school, Ukrainian language in various situations of professional communication; linguodidactic basis of formation of professional communicative competence in university students; dynamic processes in the system of professional Ukrainian language; problems of Ukrainian terminology; theory and practice of teaching philological disciplines in higher education; specificity of media in socio-political dialogue and evolution of communication technologies in Ukraine, training specialists for  mass media in the modern research University: theoretical and methodological aspects.


Head of Department – Yurii Zavatskyi, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor.

59A Tsentralny Prospect, Severodonetsk, 93406, Ukraine.

+38(066) 730-28-09,




Physical Rehabilitation



Bachelor of Physical Rehabilitation


The sphere of professional activity of graduates: a valeologist, a consultant on healthy lifestyle, a methodologist and trainer of traditional and non-traditional sports, health consultant, a specialist in preserving and improving individual health, a family valeologist, an assistant and a researcher in higher educational institutions, a masseur, a beautician, a consultant, an entrepreneur in the field of health centers.

Research trends: psychosomatic functional regulation of human, social and psychological factors of subjective well-being of an individual; psychological rehabilitation provided with  adjustment disorder; psycho-physiological monitoring system of long-term training of athletes; the impact of physical activity of varying intensity on metabolic and immune status of athletes; changes in the cardiovascular system and lipid per oxidation in severe physical stress and their correction.


Head of  Department – Halyna Shevchenko, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Academician of NAPS of Ukraine.

59A Tsentralny Prospect, Severodonetsk, 93406, Ukraine.

+38 (050) 608-85-96,














Vocational education




Computer technology

 Bachelor of Professional Education (computer technology)

Master of vocational education,a teacher of computer technology, an assistant professor of higher vocational training for  institutions of I-IV accreditation levels


Bachelor of Professional Education (economics),a teacher for professional educational institutions

Technology of light industry

Bachelor of vocational education


Bachelor of vocational education

Pedagogy of High School


Master of science education, a teacher of higher educational institution, an assistant, a lecturer, a methodologist of correspondence schools and departments

The sphere of professional activity of graduates:  an assistant, a lecturer, a teacher of vocational or higher vocational education; a head of educational laboratory; a methodologist; a junior researcher, a master of industrial training, a junior engineer, a teacher of practical training, a technical specialist in computing, a head of computer services; a teacher of vocational education institution in engineering, or a master instructor of industrial training, a manager of training laboratories, workshops, a technician, an engineer, an engineer-designer, a head of engineering industries; an engineer-manager, a head of production practice, a  labor-fashion designer, a technologist, a  confectioner, a manager of the enterprise, institution, organization, an economist, an economist in logistics, a planning economist; an assistant professor; a university lecturer; a methodologist of correspondence schools and departments.

Research trends: editing of collection of scientific works; managing scientific and pedagogical researches (doctoral and master's theses); holding and participating in international, national, regional and university scientific conferences; editing collection of scientific works; managing scientific and pedagogical research (doctoral and master's theses), opposing defense of the doctoral and master's theses; preparing methodological recommendations; publishing articles and abstracts, establishing scientific relations with universities in Ukraine and abroad.