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Sustainable Development Strategies: Towards a Stronger Community. Materials of the Scientific and Practical Conference

About the Resource Centre

Resource Centre for Sustainable Development has been existing since February 01, 2016. The Centre was created with the support of the EU/UNDP project “Community Based Approach to Local Development”, according to the framework Memorandum of Understanding signed between UNDP and Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University.

The solemn opening took place on February 11, 2016. On that day there was held a round table on sustainable development, which included representatives of the University, authorities, UNDP, business.

The purpose of the Resource Centre’s activities is to facilitate implementation of programmes and projects on sustainable development, as well as to intensify the research activity of the University in this field.

The main tasks of the Resource Centre:

• dissemination of principles of sustainable development and the best methods of regional and local development;

• discussion of new conceptual theories of sustainable development of the society, its main characteristics and structural elements;

• research activities in the field of sustainable development;

• discussion and approbation of new theories and methods of analysis of the main indicators of sustainable development of the country, region, enterprises;

• obtaining new knowledge, setting, solving and practical implementation of topical problems of sustainable development of the region and those developing across related sciences and interdisciplinary links;

• coverage and dissemination of the results of research and development works and sustainable development projects;

• connection with the educational process, involvement of the staff, postgraduates, graduate students and undergraduate students in solving important scientific and practical tasks in the field of sustainable development;

• monitoring and dissemination of information about the possibilities of international grant competitions, international programmes and projects of international technical assistance aimed at sustainable development;

• consulting on development of projects for international funding;

• methodical and organizational assistance in writing grant applications;

• participation in preparation of the strategy for development of the region, communities, target programmes and projects;

• organizational and methodological assistance in arranging measures for implementation of regional and other target programmes;

• monitoring implementation of regional development programmes;

• creating scientific and informational, and methodological support of the Resource Centre activities;

• creating conditions for development of initiative and activity of the youth community;

• joint team work for achieving meaningful results for the community;

• promoting social responsibility of business, state and people to promote sustainable development of the community and society;

• promoting development of strategic partnerships with public authorities, business, civil society and international organizations;

• other tasks, determined additionally at the meeting of the Resource Centre.

Head of the Resource Centre

Inna Semenenko, Candidate of Economic Science, Associate Professor,

Head of the Department of Economics and Entrepreneurship.

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tel. +380505332100; +380660400611

Tsentralnyi Prospect 59-А, Room 228, Severodonetsk, 93406, Ukraine


Results of the work of the RC SSU them. V. Dahl in 2016

Work Results of the Resource Centre of VDEUNU in 2016