March 27, 1920


Before August 2014.
91034, Luhansk, 20a Molodizhnyi kv.



Since August 2014.
93400, Severodonetsk, Luhansk oblast, 59a Tsentralny pr.

Tel/fax: (06452) 40342



Extract from Order of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine №1132:

“Given the difficult socio-political situation in the east of Ukraine and continuation of the armed conflict in Luhansk, in order to preserve lives of citizens of Ukraine and ensure a constitutional right of everyone to adequate, safe and healthy working conditions (including education), salary not less than it is determined by law (ch.4. p.43 of the Constitution of Ukraine), it is ordered as follows: 1. To ensure that before the end of the armed conflict in Luhansk, V. Dahl EUNU conducts its educational activities (in accordance with the existing license for educational activities and certificates of accreditation) based on Severodonetsk Technological Institute.

2. Take into consideration that V. Dahl EUNU is located at 93400, Luhansk oblast, Severodonetsk…

Minister S. Kvit”


  • Classical
  • National
  • Fourth level of accreditation
  • Possessing the personal name of Volodymyr Ivanovich Dahl – “Kozak Luhansky”
  • Research, autonomous

All these high-status characteristics in the hierarchy of Ukrainian universities can be enhanced by one more – it was the largest machine-building institute in the former USSR.

It all started almost from scratch when the University returned from Omsk evacuation after the World War II, and, in fact, only the proper name “Luhansk Machine-Building Institute” remained, as staff and equipment left in Omsk, where the largest in Siberia Omsk Technical University was founded on their basis. This fact is recorded on a commemorative plate on the main building of Omsk University. Having passed the stage of branches of well-known Moscow and Kharkiv universities, Luhansk Institute finally became an independent HEI with its own name in 1960. Since that moment, only four rectors have headed the University.


Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University started its development on March 27, 1920 as the first institution of Luhansk to prepare engineers machine-building enterprises. It had two faculties (machine-building and electrotechnical) with 20 teachers and 132 students. During the World War II (1941-1945), the HEI was evacuated to Omsk. It became the basis for the present Omsk Technical University. After returning to Luhansk, the HEI renewed almost from scratch. By 1960, it had been reorganized several times by joining other educational institutions, enlarging and renaming, and that year it received the pre-war name Luhansk Machine-Building Institute.

On May 8, 1993, East Ukrainian State University was created based on Luhansk Machine-Building Institute and several other HEIs of Luhansk and Luhansk oblast by Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. In 2000, the educational institution received the title of “National” and in 2001 – the name of Volodymyr Dahl.

Volodymyr Dahl EUNU was one of the first universities in Ukraine, which in 2004 joined The Magna Charta of European Universities in Bologna. The next year Ukraine joined the Bologna process. In 2010, V. Dahl EUNU was granted the highest status in Ukraine for outstanding scientific activities – self-governing (autonomous) research university. There are only 14 such universities in Ukraine. The University was one of the largest educational institutions in the country in terms of number of students (more than 35 thousand), teaching staff (more than 900 doctors and professors) and material and technical resources (57 buildings).

Over the years of existence, more than 190 000 highly qualified specialists have been trained.

In the last peaceful 2013, there were 36 Honoured Workers of Education, Science and Technology, and 92 Distinguished Educators of Ukraine at the University. There were 971 teachers with scientific degrees and academic titles, including 187 doctors, professors. Doctoral and postgraduate studies in 20 and 54 specialities respectively trained scientific and pedagogical staff. Fifteen specialized scientific councils for defending doctoral and PhD theses in 22 specialities worked at the University.

The structure of Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University included 8 institutes, 17 departments, colleges, technical schools in nine cities of Ukraine, including three cities in the Crimea.

There were 110 branches of departments in industries, Centre for Retraining Managerial Staff for Entrepreneurship, Research Institutes for Applied Ecology and Control Systems, 40 research laboratories, 7 educational, and scientific and industrial complexes, 18 educational complexes, a publishing house with a printing office, a television studio, a business centre, etc. The unique scientific library had more than one million copies. Repository consisting of 3000 publications was registered in the international registry of free access resources. It occupied a rightful place in the international Webometrics Ranking of World Universities. It took the 9th place among 39 Ukrainian repositories.

The powerful material and technical base was located in 57 academic and laboratory buildings with the total area of 230 thousand sq. m. During the educational process, students used about 3200 modern computers. The University also had a health and recreation resort with 100 places, recreation centres in five cities of Ukraine, most of which were in the Crimea (Yevpatoria, Feodosia and Yalta, Skadovsk) and on the Seversky Donets River; 8 dormitories with 4000 seats, 6 canteens with 824 seats, 12 coffee bars with 452 seats, medical posts. The University had stadiums, sports buildings, summer sports facilities, etc. for sports and physical education classes. Women’s University team “Nika-VDEUNU” won the Cup of Ukraine 16 times, and was the silver medallist of the European Cup.

Only in 2013 the University received 12 gold, 16 silver medals and 15 individual awards at international exhibitions of educational institutions. University was declared as “The Leader of International Activities”, and acknowledged by ten rating international educational and scientific organizations.

A distinctive feature of the University was democratization of the educational process, including building creative relations between teachers and students – namely, the transition from the principle of “a teacher – teaches and a student – learns” to the principle of “a teacher and a student are equal partners”.

Unfortunately, in 2014 the University with the majority of teaching staff and students had to move to Severodonetsk, Luhansk oblast due to the military actions in Luhansk. Basing on its separate structural unit (Technological Institute) the training process was resumed.

UUnderstanding the challenges faced by the team, V. Dahl EUNU intensified development of distance education on the MOODLE platform. Our goal is to create a powerful Open University. The main result of this transformation is creation of open education, providing nationwide access to educational resources through the widespread use of information educational technologies of distance learning and on this basis providing conditions for the fullest realization of citizens’ rights to education, structure and quality of which meet the needs of economic development and civil society.

Even in these difficult circumstances, V. Dahl EUNU again confirmed the leadership in innovation and scientific potential, which it surely has had for decades. Currently, the University continues to conduct researches in engineering, humanity and chemical industry. The current license allows Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University to conduct educational activities in 61 directions for bachelors direction, in 92 specialities for specialists, in 93 specialties for masters.

The University renews its main wealth – its library. Thanks to researchers and teachers of different schools of Education and Science of Ukraine, the library received more than 1,000 editions of textbooks, books and other educational and scientific literature in electronic and paper versions. In addition, there is a continuing flow of theses, abstracts of theses, monographs, materials of scientific conferences. In 2015, university scientists filled in 47 patent applications for utility models, received 69 patents. In the Scopus ranking, the University occupies the 32nd place.

The University occupies leading places in the national rankings. In 2015, the University was awarded with the Gold Medal in the nomination “Modern Programmes, Innovative Approaches and Solutions to Improve the Quality of Education”, as well as a certificate of “Quality of Publications”. University scientists were awarded for the first place in the National Inventors Competitions “Invention-2014” and “Invention-2015”. The University does not stop in its active development, striving for European standards of education, providing qualitative education, broadening partner relationships with European, Asian and American educational institutions.


According to the decision of the Staff Conference (2012), the Honorary title “Honoured Professor of Volodymyr Dahl EUNU” was complemented with a synonym “Honorary Rector” with clarification of the reason for assigning this title. Clarification was included in the latest edition of the University Regulations (2014), determining the main basis for awarding the Honorary title as follows: “Changing the status of the higher educational institution to a higher one, increasing the level of accreditation”. That is why the section “Governing Body” consists of two divisions: “Rector” and “Honoured Professor (Honorary Rector)” who changed the status of higher education to a higher one”.

Porkuian Olga Viktorivna

of Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor.

Olga Porkuian was born on July 16, 1961 in Borovske village of Luhansk oblast. In 1984 she graduated from Dnipropetrovsk State University (Physical and Technical Faculty) with speciality “Manufacturing Aerial Vehicles” (qualification – “Mechanical Engineer”), having obtained a diploma with honours. The same year, she worked in Rubizhne branch of Voroshylovhrad Machine-Building Institute, and in 1988 became a senior lecturer and assistant professor of the Department of General Subjects of Severodonetsk Department of Computer Complexes and Systems of Kharkiv Institute of Radio Electronics.

In 1991 Olga Porkuian defended the thesis for the degree of Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences “Analytical Calculation of Pseudoelasticity” in speciality “Mechanics of Deforming Solid Body” at St. Petersburg State Technical University. She defended the thesis for the degree of Doctor of Sciences at Kryvyi Rih Technical University in 2009. In 2011, Olga Porkuian was awarded the title of Professor of the Chair of Computer-Integrated Management Systems. Scientific training was held at Polish University of Informatics and Arts (Lodz).

In 1994, Severodonetsk Technological Institute (STI) of East Ukrainian State University was founded on the basis of Severodonetsk branch of East Ukrainian State University and Severodonetsk Faculty of Computer Complexes and Systems. Since the foundation of STI until 2000 Porkuian O.V. was working as an assistant professor of the Department of General Physics, and in 2000 she became the head of the same Department. In 2003 she was appointed a Deputy Director of the Institute for Research Affairs, and since 2007 until 2014 (this year she was also appointed a Vice-Rector for Research and International Affairs) was working as director of STI.

With the appointment of Porkuian O.V. as a director of STI, quality indicators of its activity greatly improved. There was established a specialized Scientific Council on thesis defence, the number of doctors and candidates of sciences increased. In 2010, there was started creation of the distance learning system in STI – the first one of the structural units of V. Dahl EUNU. It was a response to one of the identified global trends in higher education (according to the forecast, in 2020 2/3 of all students will be gaining knowledge in such a way). These ideas were supported in 2012 by the Academic Council of the University, which was the basis for a relatively successful transition of V. Dahl EUNU in autumn 2014 (the time of displacement of the University from the military operations zone to Severodonetsk) to the MOODLE system, the most widespread in the world at that time.

Olga Porkuian is an author of 7 books and monographs, 8 patents and author’s certificates, more than 150 scientific articles. Her research interests include modelling, control and management in terms of incomplete information and study of surface ultrasonic waves. She prepared three candidates of sciences. Olga Porkuian is a head of the Specialized Scientific Council on speciality “Automation of Control Processes”

Honoured Professors (Honorary Rectors):

Golubenko Oleksandr Leonidovych

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor. Corresponding Member of the Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine, Academician of the International Engineering Academy and the Engineering Academy of Ukraine. Vice-President of the Engineering Academy of Ukraine.

Koniaev Oleksii Mykolaiovych
(1926 – 1999)

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor. Academician of the Engineering Academy of Ukraine, Transport Academies of Ukraine and Russia, Corresponding Member of the International Engineering Academy.

Rumiantsev Borys Pavlovych
(1928 – 2007)

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor.