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Establishment of the educational institution has deep historical background related to industrial development of the region. Historical researches prove that foundations of technical education in Luhansk were laid in the XIX century.

Prerequisites of Establishment

The Scientific and Technical Society started its activities at Luhansk foundry in 1827. The same year training of the youth in technical subjects started as well. Luhansk Factory School was founded in August 1839. Educational and scientific foundation for the future Factory School was laid by the distinguished luminaries of science such as Timeh Ivan Avgustovych (“Cutting Resistance of Metal and Wood”), Mevius Apollon Fedorovych (“Training Course of Metallurgy of Cast Iron, Iron and Steel”, “Grey Iron Foundry”), Felkner Iliodor Fedorovych (“Machines and Tools for Metalworking”, “Engineer-Builder’s Companion”, “Popular Companion of Engineer-Builder”), Kovalevsky Yevgraf Petrovych (“Geognostic Review of Donetsk Ridge” (1829)) and others.


The educational institution started its existence on March 27, 1920 when Luhansk National Technical School headed by the rector Migulin P.K. was created. The Technical School was located in the former trade school building.

Later the Technical School was called “Luhansk Evening Work College” (LEWC). It had been preparing “red” engineers at two departments (mechanical and electrotechnical) during 4 years.

Classes were held in the former Pushkin College building in Patronna Street and later in the former four-storeyed building of Vasnev in Bankovska Street (Shevchenko Street nowadays). The Work College occupied the fourth floor. In 1927 LEWC got the second and the third floors of the permanent building in Lenina Street, 38.

1927 – the first graduation of engineers (11 persons) in speciality “Steam-powered Equipment”.

1930 – according to the resolution of the Council of People’s Commissars of the USSR the Work College was reorganized into Luhansk Evening Machine Building Institute. The first graduation of LEMBI engineers in speciality “Civil Engineering” was in 1932.

1934-1939 – work of the educational institution was suspended, it was renewed in 1939.

During the war, the higher educational institution was evacuated to the Russian city of Omsk and reorganized into Omsk Machine Building Institute.

1945-1959 – the educational institution functioned in the structure of branches of Kharkiv Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Moscow Correspondence Institute of the Metal Industry (Moscow State University of Instrument Engineering and Computer Science nowadays) and V.I. Lenin Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute.

1960 – the educational institution was reorganized into independent Luhansk Evening Machine Building Institute with 940 students of part-time study mode.

1962 – training of students of full-time study mode started.

On May 8, 1993 East Ukrainian State University was created on the basis of Luhansk Machine Building Institute and several higher educational institutions of Luhansk and Luhansk oblast.

1996 – the institution received the status of the higher educational institution of the IV accreditation level.

On September 11, 2000 the University was given the status of national with the proper name “East Ukrainian National University”.

In 2001 East Ukrainian National University was given the name of Volodymyr Dahl.

In September 2004 Rector of Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University Professor Golubenko O.L. signed the Magna Charta Universitatum in Bologna (Italy).

In 2004 construction of the new academic building was finished.

In March, 2010 solemn opening of Volodymyr Ivanovych Dahl’s monument near the main academic building with participation of the President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych was held.

On March 24, 2010, Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University was given the status of the national self-governing (autonomous) research higher educational institution.