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Student trade union is a public organization of university students, aiming to represent, exercise and protect labour, social and economic rights and interests of the organization members.

Admission of students to the trade union is carried out on a voluntary basis, without any limitations due to ethnic, racial or birth origin, party affiliation or religious beliefs.

What are the aims of trade union?

  • TRADE UNION represents and protects your rights and interests at all levels.
  • You cannot be expelled from university without consent of TRADE UNION.
  • Thanks to TRADE UNION you can relax during the holidays at the seaside or in the mountains.
  • TRADE UNION will help you to apply for all kinds of financial aid and awards.
  • Thanks to TRADE UNION you can find a temporary job at your free time.
  • Thanks to TRADE UNION you can work in student construction brigades.
  • In TRADE UNION you can get an international student card ISIC.
  • TRADE UNION will tell you about your rights and teach how to protect them.


Student trade union carries out its work in the following areas:

  • Large-scale organizational work.
  • Issues of social and legal protection.
  • Secondary employment of students.
  • Public relations and international cooperation.
  • Social control.
  • Culture, sport and recreation.


Separate commission constantly works in each of the areas.

Trade union of the University consists of 9 department trade union offices and has over 3,000 members. Thanks to actions of the members of the student trade union, we can provide real assistance to our students. Despite the fact that the staff of the trade union are mostly students, they already have the ability to help you in a difficult situation. The trade union of the University is a school of life. Joining different people, it brings together like-minded people. If a person has come through the trade union work school, he/she gains a lot of experience that will be useful and be sure to come in handy in their lives. Such people find their places in society much easier.



Семенченко Олексій Вікторович

Голова Профспілкової організації студентів СНУ ім. В.Даля