The student council of the Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University is the executive body of the student self-government of the University, which carries out activities in the interests of the entire student body of the University, ensures the protection of its rights and interests.

The Student Council is a team of young and ambitious, purposeful and full of energy, cheerful and open to dialogue students who diversify student life, make it bright and memorable, develop and implement new projects and do not stay away from student problems.

The main tasks of the Student Council are:

– ensuring and protecting the rights and interests of students;
– promotion of educational, scientific and creative activities of students;
– promoting the formation of students’ moral and ethical qualities, education of patriotism;
– promotion of a healthy lifestyle;
– promoting the improvement of living conditions and recreation of students;
– promoting the creation of various student groups, societies, associations, clubs of interest and coordination of their activities;
– cooperation with student self-government bodies of other higher educational institutions; –
– assistance in providing legal, psychological, financial, legal, informational and other assistance to students.

Self-government works in different directions: scientific, educational, sports, cultural, charitable and informational. Much attention is paid to conferences, seminars, trainings, round tables, competitions and master classes.

One of the activities of the Student Government is to establish cooperation with other educational institutions of Ukraine and other countries.