List of documents.

1. Application.

2. Copies of the documents:

a) identity document (internal passport – booklet, id card or international passport);
b) registration number of the taxpayer’s account card (individual identification number);
c) state standard document on the basis of which the admission was made and its supplement (certificate, diploma of a young specialist, bachelor’s degree, etc;)
d) academic transcript;
e) military ID card (registration certificate).


1. Download the application file and fill it in. After filling in the application, save the file. Rename the file according to the template – “Surname_application.xlsx” (for example “Shevchenko_application.xlsx”).

2. Make scanned copies or photocopies of all documents specified in the list. Acceptable file formats: pdf, jpg, jpeg, png, bmp. Rename files according to the template – “Surname_document.***” (for example “Shevchenko_passport.jpg”).

3. Sign documents with a digital electronic signature (

4. Send the signed documents to, indicating the subject line “Renewal_Surname” (for example, subject: Renewal_Shevchenko).