The page of the site “Successful Alumni” was created to two significant dates – the 220th anniversary of the birth of Volodymyr Dahl and the 10th anniversary of the naming of the scientist to the University, which is the only university in the world that bears the name of this famous person.

Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University honors the memory of its famous countryman.

The personality of Dahl continues to be infinitely interesting for both scientists and students. Scientists and students continue to share the results of their work on the study of the life and work of the Cossack of Luhansk. Scholars claim that despite many years of research, new aspects appear every year. This phenomenon is explained by the versatility of Volodymyr Dahl’s personality. After all, the historical, cultural and philological heritage of the Cossack of Luhansk is relevant in our time.

V.I. Dahl forever entered the world culture as the author of the unique “Explanatory Dictionary of the Living Great Russian Language” and “Proverbs of the Russian People”. But his talent for scientific comprehension of the world was manifested not only in the field of humanitarian knowledge, but also in a number of scientific fields of engineering, technical and natural sciences

That is why, the university graduates proudly call themselves “Dalivtsi”, and the university is proud of its successful graduates.